The least of your brothers
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The Great Success!

That’s what the people in two leper villages named the result of our society’s biggest project to date - A project that resulted in a truly life changing event that lifted the lives of over a thousand people in these two villages. The name of the project is proudly displayed on our water tower. Our story of success began three long years ago when Dr Mai Khanh, our society’s resident doctor, approached the members of the board of Damien the Leper Society with the idea of a large scale clean water project.

Holistic approach

Following the development of the Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) in 1981 that can effectively cure leprosy, there was widespread optimism for the elimination of leprosy. Yet many years have passed and leprosy is still with us. Why?


Recent news of fraud cases involving many charities such as The Cancer Fund of America, The Breast Cancer Society of Mesa Arizona, etc. have casted doubt in the heart of many of our benefactors. We have received many inquiries regarding our finances. Damien The Leper Society pledge to remain as transparent as we can. We have received many heart rendering letters, showing that, while under tremendous financial hardship yourselves, many of you continue to help the lepers. We will not betray your trust.

Listed below are links to our 2012 & 2013 Tax Return. We will post our 2014 Tax return as soon as we receive a copy from our CPA firm.
2012 Tax Return
2013 Tax Return

Here are some of the most common questions we have been asked.
Do board members of the society receive compensations/salaries?
None of our board members receive any compensation for their work. As a matter of fact, board members don't even receive reimbursement for their traveling. Their services are at zero cost to our society. All board members serve because of their love for the lepers.
How much of our money actually go to the lepers? What is the percentage of the society administrative cost?
The percentage varies from year to year but remains very low compared to many other charities. For example: In 2013, we received $180.422 in contribution while our salaries and benefits was only $6,166. The amount paid for salary was just a token salary paid to help defray personal cost for our office manager who coordinates volunteer, plans fundraising activities, records project expenditures, and communicate with our field agents etc. Other expenses include keeping a very modest headquarter in a low cost area and the fund raising cost. Our fund raising mostly involves voluteers and the actual cost to the society is the printing cost for brochures and for postage to communicate with potential benefactors. At the current time we use no professional fund raising services.

Hopefully the information above show you that our society is a very small charity with a resolve burning in our hearts to help the lepers, the least of our brothers and sisters.

I'm trying to help my self Won't you Help me?


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Silent heroes

Our Silent Heroes

Our outstanding successes in helping the lepers in remote regions of the world would not have been possible without the work of our silent heroes. Week after week the volunteers of Damien The Leper Society get together at our society's headquarters and perform various duties. The most important and labor intensive task of all is the preparation of mail-outs to reach our donors.

Custom Shoes

Leprosy caused multiple sores at the extremities that can end in deformities of the feet if the wounds are not properly cared for. With the lack of sensation caused by leprosy, the lepers can aggravate the wounds and enable secondary infections to ravage their bodies, leading to further deformities. Protecting the feet is of high importance; the lepers desperately need shoes

For live interaction with members of our society please check out our society page on Facebook.
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