Our successes are rooted in our Holistic Approach to care for people with leprosy.  Here are highlight of the many projects and activities we do.

Health Provide sanitation by constructing water systems,  showers, and restrooms. Clean and medicate wounds to ease pain and promote healing. Teach proper care of  wounds. Administer and promote the use of medicine to cure this painful and deadly disease. Provide shoes and   prosthetics. Provide much needed food.

Education   Build job-training centers and classrooms.  Furnish sewing machines and other equipment for job training. Provide  books, supplies and food for children. Teach crop raising and livestock raising skills to
promote independence.

Family Outreach  Supply plants and fertilizer.  Furnish agricultural training and specialized tools for  those who have lost their hands. Supply livestock.  Provide childcare so adults can work in fields.  Build houses for those without shelter or to replace run-down shacks. 

Below are some of the successes.